Shenzhen Xinxin Rui Automation Technology Co., Ltd founded in 2008, is a high-tech enterprise, focusing on industrial automation control system development, engineering design, installation and commissioning and industrial automation product sales of innovative technology-based enterprises.Main products are: automatic screw locking machine, automatic soldering machine, automatic dispensing machine, there will be more automation equipment for toys, electronics, hardware, daily packaging and other industrial manufacturing services, striving to achieve the highest cost-effective, reduce workers’costs and improve efficiency. To serve the automatic assembly, automatic assembly production line, the company has strong technical force, strong development capacity, product development cycle is short, fast production speed, reliable performance characteristics.At the same time, our company produces supporting industrial accessories such as motors, reducers, etc. The quality is excellent. Welcome to inquire.In 2017, the company has a turnover of 50 million RMB, an average monthly output of 120 sets, more than 40 employees, 15 engineers and 3 senior engineers. It has obtained a number of practical patent certificates and 9 software works.